WP Ultimo v2.0.9 – a Tool for Creating a Premium WP Network + Addons

Download Free WP Ultimo – a Tool for Creating a Premium WP Network v2.0.9 + Addons

WP Ultimo – a Tool for Creating a Premium WP Network + Addons Free Download 2.0.9 – Premium Tools | WP Ultimo v2.0.9 – a Tool for Creating a Premium WP Network + Addons is possible to build your website as a service platform, similar to Wix.com, Squarespace, WordPress.com and more in minutes instead of weeksMake your business more efficient now by implementing WP Ultimo! WP Ultimo supports almost every hosting provider We’ve also worked closely with a few of them to offer better integration for Domain Mapping capabilities. The list of supported hosts continues to increase!

It is easy to manage subscriptions

Controlling your subscriptions using WP Ultimo is as easy as it gets using our powerful and intuitive panel.

PayPal and Stripe Support for PayPal and Stripe

WP Ultimo ships with PayPal and Stripe from the beginning, but it also offers the ability to add additional gateways through add-ons.

Site Templates

You can build boilerplate websites for users to select from when they sign-up! Similar to WordPress.com!

You can have you network online and up and running in under 10-minutes!

WP Ultimo offers you a easy way to set all of your settings set within just a few minutes. Just follow the steps in Our Setup Wizard and set up every option you’ll need in just a couple of clicks.

Make your customers awestruck with an easy sign-up process!

WP Ultimo makes your customers life easier by providing them with a an easy way to sign up! Customers can select their plan or template, as well as payment method throughout the purchase process , and receive a website after.

Domain Mapping as easy as it can get – and with support for many hosting companies!

Customers can connect their domains to their websites on your network and give your platform that added professional touch!

Make use of the power of WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite offers a solid foundation to create a premium web-based network with the highest speed and flexibility.

Support for Trial Period

Giving a trial period to your customers is as simple as setting a number trial days on the settings section!

Support to multiple Sites

Users can make different websites according to the limits set by the plans they subscribe to.

Create Unlimited Plans

You can make unlimited tiers of WP Ultimo. You can limit the plugins and themes that are available for each tier.

Limits on Plans

In every plan you can set quotas on posts, disk space (even customized post types) pages, posts and even visits to your site!

Create Unlimited Coupons

You may also create various coupons for your customers that offer discounts that are relative ( percent) or absolute value.

Automatic Support for Hosting Businesses

Our solution for domain mapping seamlessly integrates seamlessly with WP Engine, Cloudways, and CPanel with more coming!

Send Global Messages and send Emails

Send messages from admins as well as emails to sites and users directly through the administrator interface.

Customizable Sign-up Flow for Sign-up

You can also add fields and steps that you have created, or even completely replace the HTML completely using templates overrides.

Customizable Emails

By using WP Ultimo you have total control over email messages. The subject, the content as well as your HTML markup.

Domain Mapping Support

WP Ultimo supports Domain Mapping right out-of-the-box! You can choose which plans will be able access to the Domain Mapping feature.

Support for Multiple Gateways

Your users have the option of choosing between a variety of gateway choices. There is no need to restrict your network to only one gateway.

Fantastic Support!

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience using WP Ultimo. We’re always there to assist you!

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