UiPress (formerly WP Admin 2020) v2.2.9 Nulled Free Download

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Download Free UiPress (formerly WP Admin 2020) – Modern WordPress Dashboard Theme Nulled v2.2.9

UiPress (formerly WP Admin 2020) – Modern WordPress Dashboard Theme Free Download Nulled 2.2.9 – uipress | UiPress (formerly WP Admin 2020) v2.2.9 – Modern WordPress Dashboard Theme is a premium WP Plugin that comes with amazing features for WP Users. It enhance your WordPress experience to top level.

With a sophisticated white label admin extension that integrates Google and WooCommerce analytics, you can completely transform your WordPress dashboard. Connect to Google Analytics with ease and obtain detailed information about your visitors straight in your WordPress Admin.

With the lightning-fast content manager, you can easily organize and manage your posts and media, and you can smoothly switch to WordPress dark mode to transform the dashboard.

Completely customizable

Select the charts you want and ignore everything else. Choose from a variety of chart formats and background colors.

Comparison of Data

All of the analytics cards provide comparison data, allowing you to simply see how you compare to the preceding period.

Monitor Page Speed

Using our page speed card, you can monitor your site’s performance and identify potential problems.

The menu designer is the most convenient way to create totally customized admin menus for your site’s users.

Create as many admin menus as you like and have complete control over who sees them.

Separators and links that are unique

Custom separators and links can be easily added to the menus.

Icons for Customized Links

Choose from a variety of icons to build a one-of-a-kind and visually appealing menu.

A dashboard that can perform any function (almost)

The overview page was designed from the ground up to provide you complete control over the layout, colors, and content of your dash.

Analytical Power

Connect to Google Analytics with ease and obtain detailed information about your visitors straight in your WordPress Admin.

Integration with WooCommerce

Keep track of orders and easily display up-to-date information about your store.

Layouts that are completely unique

Create the dashboard of your desires by effortlessly changing column widths, chart types, adding or removing sections, and much more.

Personalized Welcome Message

To welcome your clients to their site, just put a personalized welcome message to the top of the page.

Create themes that are absolutely unique to your company.

The UiPress styles page gives you complete control over the visual components of your admin area, allowing you to design a really one-of-a-kind dashboard for your clients.

Complete command

Set styles for both the bright and dark modes.

Customized Fonts

Set a custom font for your admin area to match your brand.

Export / Import

Export and import your custom styles

A new approach to manage your WordPress digital assets Bring all of your posts, pages, and custom post types together on one screen with advanced filters, folders, rapid previews, and modifications with the content page. A completely new content library that is up to 50% faster than the Classic WordPress Library.

Folders for Content

Using strong content folders, you can organize all of your material and manage all of your site posts, media, and CPTs from a single location.

Filters with great power

The filters on the content page are powerful and fast, and you can quickly save a collection of filters into a view to use later.

Leading Image Editing in the Industry

The strong image manipulation, filters, free draw, icons / forms, text, and numerous mask filters are all included in the full-featured editor.

Rename in Bulk

You may rename hundreds of photos, posts, or pages at once using our batch rename feature. Make your own naming standards and alter attachment names or alt tags in bulk.

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