Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.90.0

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Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, website management demands streamlined processes to stay ahead. Enter the WordPress Automatic Plugin, a powerful tool designed to revolutionize your website management experience. This versatile plugin offers a myriad of features tailored to enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and elevate your site’s SEO performance.


  1. Content Automation: The WordPress Automatic Plugin excels in automating content updates. It can pull relevant articles, videos, and images from various sources and publish them on your site, saving you time and effort in content creation.
  2. Multi-Source Content Integration: Enjoy the flexibility of sourcing content from multiple platforms such as RSS feeds, YouTube, and more. This diverse integration ensures a constant influx of fresh and varied content for your audience.
  3. Keyword-Based Content Generation: Tailor your content to target specific keywords with the plugin’s intelligent keyword-based content creation. This feature helps in aligning your content with SEO strategies and optimizing for search engine algorithms.
  4. Post Scheduling: Efficiently manage your content calendar by scheduling posts at specific times. This feature ensures a consistent publishing schedule, which is crucial for audience engagement and SEO rankings.
  5. Social Media Auto-Posting: Seamlessly share your newly published content across various social media platforms. This not only increases your site’s visibility but also drives traffic and improves social signals—a positive factor in search engine algorithms.
  6. Image and Video Import: Enhance the visual appeal of your site by importing images and videos along with textual content. The plugin’s ability to handle multimedia content contributes to a more engaging user experience.
  7. Customizable Post Templates: Tailor the appearance of your posts with customizable templates. This feature allows you to maintain a consistent brand identity across your content, contributing to a professional and cohesive online presence.
  8. Automatic Linking: Save time on internal linking strategies with the automatic linking feature. The plugin can intelligently link keywords within your content to relevant internal pages, enhancing the overall structure of your website.
  9. Campaign-Based Posting: Execute targeted content strategies with campaign-based posting. This feature enables you to group related content and schedule them for specific periods, ideal for promotional activities or thematic content series.
  10. Detailed Reporting and Logging: Keep track of your website’s performance with detailed reporting and logging features. Monitor published posts, content sources, and any potential issues, providing valuable insights for ongoing optimization efforts.

WP Automatic Plugin Free Download Latest Version: WP Automatic Plugin is a premium content scraper WordPress plugin developed by ValvePress. It allows you to automatically post content from various sources to your WordPress website. This plugin is available for purchase on the Codecanyon marketplace. It has already sold over 34500 copies up until now. This plugin is especially useful for bloggers, small businesses, and anyone who wants to keep their website updated with fresh content automatically.

The WordPress Automatic Plugin can be also used to create powerful and efficient content using OpenAI GPT-3 integration. Additionally, you can also customize the content imported from OpenAI GPT-3 using this plugin’s advanced features. To integrate with OpenAI, you just need to grab the API key from your OpenAI account and add it to the settings page of the WordPress Automatic plugin.

This plugin also allows integration with Amazon to import and promote products from Amazon to your website, without having to manually copy and paste product information. It can grab product information, description, images, prices, and much more automatically. You don’t even need to set up affiliate links; they will be automatically set up by the plugin itself. The WordPress Automatic Plugin also checks and updates Amazon product prices daily automatically.

The WordPress Automatic Plugin can also be used to import content from various social media networks. If you want to display your social media activity on your WordPress website, then this plugin can do it automatically. You can easily set up a campaign to regularly post your social media account updates including images, text, and videos to your WordPress website.

Overall, WP Automatic Plugin by ValvePress is a powerful tool to automate the publishing of content to your website.

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Key Features of WordPress Automatic Plugin

  • Post content automatically from various sources
  • Allow customizing the layout of imported content
  • Option to add keywords to imported content
  • Post scheduling – to keep your website updated with fresh content even when you’re not available
  • Option to skip non-English posts
  • Option to skip duplicate title
  • Allow import content from Amazon
  • Can automatically add affiliate links to Amazon products
  • Can add Clickbank products with your affiliate links automatically
  • Auto-post videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily motion platforms
  • Auto-post content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit
  • Custom post-type support
  • Search and replace the content
  • The best spinner integration to spin the content before posting
  • OpenAI support
  • Easy-to-use plugin interface
  • Update frequency setting
  • Translation support
  • Allow choosing custom posting time
  • Advanced content filtering option

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What’s New in WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.90.0 (Changelog)

  • NEW: new OpenAI models added gpt-4-0125-preview.
  • NEW: Google places a new option to set the language of the search.
  • Fix: Facebook imports events from groups back to work after recent changes.
  • Fix: Removed as a supported source, site shutdown.
  • Fix: Translation of tags now works correctly.
  • NEW: New campaign type to import from Google Maps places/business.
  • NEW: YouTube option to truncate the transcript to the desired length.
  • NEW: APIFY now supports cookies for simulating logged-in and importing from protected sites with login.
  • NEW: Updated Deepl-supported languages list.
  • NEW: Dalle 3 support, now you can generate featured images using OpenAI Dalle 3.

Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.90.0 (Latest Version) – Content Generator Plugin for WordPress

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